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I just found this GREAT site!!

I just found this GREAT site!! It’s called Carmen3’s CP Cheats! Click Here!

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It’s free unless you want Builders Club. Use this friend code: 57-624-979

I’ve been building some robots at the beautiful hangout ROBLOX

New pin!

Thanks FARAAN! The new pin is at the ski hill and is a sled! I am not playing cp anymore but will still inform you on cheats. Thank you all!!!


Please note that I will not be posting too often anymore.

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Happy VERY early Halloween!!

Hello Penguins!


Big congrats to the winners of the Halloween igloo decorating contest! You can check out the first group of winners in the Club Penguin Times. There’ll be more winners next week, too!


The Halloween Party is gonna go through the weekend and we hope you’ll be able to do more haunted igloo tours, find all the candy that’s been hidden, and get the costumes you want! Have you checked out the new Monster Maker 3000 in the lab at the Mine? That’s some serious spookiness. I’ve gotta say that the Ogre ears and Frankenfeet really got my attention… Might be really cool for mix-and-match costumes.




Let us know your favorite costume or costume combo is!


Hey – starting this weekend will be the first November weekend Sneak Peek blog. We’re gonna be showing you hints about what’s coming up… Check it out!!


Until then…Waddle on!

Reviewed by You!

Hello Penguins!


All week the hot topic is Halloween – and from the stormy sky to the cob-webbed igloos, there’s a lot spooky stuff all over the island! Last week we asked what you were most excited about and here’s what Gems I Need had to say:


I am most excited for seeing all the costumes on the night of Halloween. I like seeing all the crazy combinations like a ladybug and a wizard, or a very silly looking ghost. I also like the yearly (I think) candy hunt. The prizes are very cool.


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Some of you have been at the Ninja Hideout and noticed the Volcano’s getting pretty active. What do you think’s going on?

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