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I just found this GREAT site!!

I just found this GREAT site!! It’s called Carmen3’s CP Cheats! Click Here!

New pin!

Thanks FARAAN! The new pin is at the ski hill and is a sled! I am not playing cp anymore but will still inform you on cheats. Thank you all!!!


Please note that I will not be posting too often anymore.

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Hello Penguins!


All week the hot topic is Halloween – and from the stormy sky to the cob-webbed igloos, there’s a lot spooky stuff all over the island! Last week we asked what you were most excited about and here’s what Gems I Need had to say:


I am most excited for seeing all the costumes on the night of Halloween. I like seeing all the crazy combinations like a ladybug and a wizard, or a very silly looking ghost. I also like the yearly (I think) candy hunt. The prizes are very cool.


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Some of you have been at the Ninja Hideout and noticed the Volcano’s getting pretty active. What do you think’s going on?

Until then…Waddle on!

Screamhog has da’ news!

Hey everyone, it’s Screenhog! (It’s also Halloween, so does that mean I should call himself “Screamhog” this week?)

Ah, Halloween, a time for candy and costumes and ghost stories, and… oh, you already know what Halloween is! I’ll just get right into what makes Halloween special this year:


  • “Night of the Living Sled” is back. Yes, Club Penguin’s funniest scary movie continues at the Lighthouse! If you weren’t here last year, you can watch 1 and 2 at the Coffee Shop and Night Club.
  • All is not what it seems at the Mine Shack… it’s been replaced with a Haunted House! Try clicking on everything… there are a lot of surprises there.
  • After the Haunted House, head down to the Mine and click on the glowing green lamp. The laboratory is back, with some extra clothes to help turn yourself into a monster.
  • Ready to go trick-or-treating? 8 candy pieces are waiting for you to find.
  • Last, but not least, Club Penguin is dark and stormy! Enjoy it while it lasts! It’s a perfect time of year to play Hide and Seek with your friends.


Night of the Living Sled