Quick Keys (and I mean quick)

These are all the quick keys for Club Penguin:

E1= laughing face

E2= smiley

E3= strait face

E4= Frown


E6=Sticking tongue out

c7= Wink

E8=Sick face

E9=Angry face

E0= sad face

Ef= flower

Eg= game

Eh= heart

Ep= puffle

cm= money

El= good luck

Ec= Coffee cup

Es= skull

1= Big exclamation mark

/= big question mark

h= hello

j= joke

b= good bye

y= yes

n= no

t= throw snowball

w= wave

d= dance

ei= igloo

up= sit facing up

down= sit facing forward

right= sit right

left= sit left


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