Happy VERY early Halloween!!

Hello Penguins!


Big congrats to the winners of the Halloween igloo decorating contest! You can check out the first group of winners in the Club Penguin Times. There’ll be more winners next week, too!


The Halloween Party is gonna go through the weekend and we hope you’ll be able to do more haunted igloo tours, find all the candy that’s been hidden, and get the costumes you want! Have you checked out the new Monster Maker 3000 in the lab at the Mine? That’s some serious spookiness. I’ve gotta say that the Ogre ears and Frankenfeet really got my attention… Might be really cool for mix-and-match costumes.




Let us know your favorite costume or costume combo is!


Hey – starting this weekend will be the first November weekend Sneak Peek blog. We’re gonna be showing you hints about what’s coming up… Check it out!!


Until then…Waddle on!


Halloween Party


Last Day of Igloo Contest!

Remember to submit your igloo! It’s the last day!

Party Cheats!

All you have to do is Click on the Pinyata!

Let’s Party!

Hello Penguins!

Can you believe it? Tomorrow’s our 4th Anniversary!

Everyone’s invited – so find all your friends and head to the Town Center… There’ll be cake in the Coffee Shop, a new party hat, and a new Yearbook full of fun stuff. We can’t wait to hear what you think about this party – especially the colors of the cake and party hat… Any guesses?


Can’t wait to celebrate!

Until then…Waddle on!

Annverseriy Party this Sat.

Hello Penguins! Hey – This Saturday, October 24th is Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary Party and we hope you’re as excited as we are to celebrate!! There’ll be balloons and cake, a new party hat, and a brand new Yearbook in the Book Room.

So round up your buddies in the Town Center on Saturday – Join the one day only party! Until then…Waddle on!

New Storm coming to CP

The storm is now visble to cp!





Note that these are SWF!

Waddle on!