Fall Fair is Here!

It’s here everyone! Step right up, Step right up!
Here are the cheats for Fall Fair.
You can play games like Puffle Soaker, find RH, and more!
First cheat, The ones that get you the most tickets are memory and Ring the Bell.
Next one is Penguin Impact. You must download it by searching Google. In Main Hacks, say yes to Member and you can go into the circus! But you can’t redeem anything. I even saw that you can buy a tent igloo for 700 tickets.
And lastly, You can get RH’s free item which is a winged viking helmet.


Here is the prize booth.



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  1. Ooops sorry the last line was
    spelt wrong i put npt instead of not
    Im using my ipod touch to coment
    That’s ok. I changed it.

  2. Here is to all people who
    in the fall fair the last few years.
    The feathered crown
    ( i think thats the name….)
    Used to be 1000 tickets!!!!!!!!
    It took my friend and i a while
    (as in a 2 or 3 hours)
    And now its 100 lucky you!!!!!!!!
    I’m not so happy about that

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