Festival of Flight Spoilers

The new Club Penguin times is here! There’s some good stuff in it, but I think I have found something even more important then anything posted there. I think the free item for the Festival of Flight is going to be the Green Propeller cap. Check out this picture in the Club Penguin times of a penguin with the green propeller cap:

Want to know why I think this? Well, Club Penguin has never released the green propeller cap and this penguin here has it. Also, it would make sense for a green propeller cap to be released since we do have blue and red already and penguins need to fly to get to the Tallest Mountain.

Also, I have a feeling that member penguins might be able to buy jetpacks. Check out this evidence:

Also, Gary is coming to Club Penguin! I will use clubpenguinwidgets.com from penguincheatscp.com for a Gary tracker. I will post it on the left hand side sidebar. Or you can use the online penguin storm at cpcheats.info .

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